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December 11 2019

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Explain this shit, Willem.
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December 10 2019

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December 06 2019

Hardly a genocide. Pretty much all natives did was genociding one another and getting high. Most died from small pox, the rest traded their land for quilts. Why dont you care about todays silent genocide in europe? Or the one in south africa?

If slavery is fine if allowed in those countries. Unless youre xenophobic. Its still active in africa, too bad no one cares about it unless whitey does it. Jews handled the slave trade, so youre either ignorant on purpose or antisemitic. Also was the best thing that could happen to them. Their ancestors suffered, but their offspring doesnt. If it were that bad they would return home to their beloved mudhuts.

I mentioned natives of NA, not SN. Incas and aztechs had some nice architecture, but were barbaric as fuck. Glad we dont sacrifice hearts to the sun god anymore. The mali empire was arabic based on islam, you can smell the violence already. Owned slaves too. Turned them eunich. My point stands, the natives and africans invented jack shit. Conquering america did them a favor. 

December 04 2019

So where was this genocide? The only one right now is currently in south africa committed against the boers. If your slavery argument was true every arab nation and china would be full of africans. What wealth did they steal exactly? Lived there thousands of years, invented a stick. Whites didnt enslave them, they bought them off arabs. Arabs enslaved africans, the rest were bought from the african kings.These countries are shitholes mostly because of their religion and lack of IQ. How much brown dick do you need to suck to get over your guilt?

December 03 2019

Have some cringe, bro.

November 30 2019

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November 29 2019

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Another terrorist attack in Londonistan.
Guess the religion.
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U góry widać tylko białe. Czarny reprezentuje innych.
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November 28 2019

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"We dont have enough brainpower to build something for us. Let us in so we can turn your country into a shithole"
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November 27 2019

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Invest into wine and catfood stocks, boys.
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Shoutout to Poland.
Also thanks for Wiedźmin.
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